1Why should I consider a loft conversion?
The cost of moving is very expensive and mostly lost money in stamp duty and solicitor fees. Creating new space in your already preferred home is a great solution.
2Can you convert any loft?
It it entirely case dependant subject to a wide range of reasons but 99% of lofts we survey can be converted.
3Do all lofts need planning permission?
No actually 90% of the lofts we convert do not need a full planning application completed, however they would require a Lawful / Permitted development application which is still approved by the planning team which is more of a tick box exercise. A full planning application is only required if you either live in AONB or conservation area or you need to raise the ridge or really want a front facing dormer. (This does not apply to Velux to the front) Both of the above require full drawings and structural calculations.
4Would we be required to move out whilst our loft is converted?
The only type of loft that requires you to move out is if your current loft height is extremely low meaning we need to do a dropped ceiling on the first floor. However this is a 1 in 300 occurrence.
5Do you have your own architect or do we need to source our own?
Yes we have an in house Architect and structural engineer that works on every project we build. We would advise you use our architect rather than out sourcing an architect and then asking us to build it. Once you have instructed our architect we place your project in the cue and we give your project a guide of start date. Our architect is a loft specialist in his own right so knows what will and wont work. In addition, if any changes are required once we are on site, because we work together every day any changes can be done in an instant so there are no hold ups with the project.
6Can we view a completed loft conversion?
Absolutely!! We like every client to view a loft before making your decision so that you can see for yourself the high quality of our work. We also advise you too visit a loft as we are building the structure so you can view our high quality or works and standards we adhere to, which separates us from our competitors.
7How long will the process take?
The architectural drawing process will take approximately 3-4 weeks to finalise and hand them over to you for approval. We then send them into your local council lawful development applications department which should take 6 - 8 weeks and a full planning application 8 - 10 weeks, however these time frames may vary depending on your particular borough and how busy they are.
8Can we look at our loft as its being built?
Yes, we actively encourage our clients to come up and take a look . All of our team leaders are trained and have many years experience in explaining every element of your project.
9How much does a loft conversion cost?
The cost of your loft conversion depends entirely on the style of house, size and overall specification you choose. Once surveyed we will endeavour to send you a quotation based on your loft and specification within 48 hrs.
10Are your projects approved by building control?
Every project we complete has a 4 point inspection and a full completion certificate will be issued on completion along with NIC EIC certification and Gas Safe.
11Do you work on a fixed price basis?
Every project we complete is built on a Fixed price contract which is annexed to your agreed specification. Any additional works you require during the build will only be completed once we have your signed agreement and are paid for at the time so that there are no unwanted bills at the end of the project.
12Can we pay in instalments?
Yes, we will set out a payment plan of instalments which is part of our signed contract together.
13Why would we choose Space Invaders over other companies?
Having a loft conversion on your property whilst you are living there requires an extremely well rehearsed team to make the process run as smoothly as possible and every team member is handpicked for there politeness and personality and taught from a young age through to becoming team leader’s and we pride ourselves on this as you can see from our extensive reviews.


We have been established for over 20 years and have priced and built almost every style of loft conversion, therefore we can guarantee our pricing is accurate and competitive.

Highest Standards

We build our structure to the highest standards and quality of work. We are extremely pro-active in building as environmentally friendly as possible.

Fixed Price

We agree a fixed price contract with no hidden fees. An offer a staged payment process.


We provide a 10 year Structural guarantee as standard, where as most companies offer 5 years. That's shows how confident we are in our quality of work.


We have a dedicated aftersales team and fast response to any queries and maintenance after completion.

Thank you to the team at Space Invaders for truly creating our dream home. Our loft conversion was completed fast efficiently and to the highest standard and as a family we are benefiting from the unique design and all the benefits it gives."

Jo, Paul, Josh and Oli Stevens - Kent